ACRONYX Herbstwatscheln Gut Steimke


We meet in the middle of nature at Gut Steimke.
Content of the event and further information can be found at Acronyx.
The following tickets are available: set-up, dismantling, normal, reduced, children (7 to 15 years) and helpers.
All children younger than 7 years are free of charge.


The event starts on Wednesday with lunch and next week the last full day of the event is on Thursday.
If you would like to arrive the evening before or stay one night longer, please leave us a donation.
We would love your help with the set-up before the event and the dismantling afterwards. In addition, there are additional tickets with a discount.


For a nice event we need your help, as compensation you will receive a price discount.
There will be set-up and dismantling all day before and after the event, as well as helper shifts during the event.
These additional tickets can be booked in the shopping cart on page two.
Helper shifts are in the kitchen for 4 hours, cleaning 2 hours and at the reception over several days with a total of 4 hours.
Helper shifts can only be booked with the multi-day tickets.
After your order you will receive an e-mail with a link to the helper table, please enter your shifts directly.
As soon as you have arrived at the event, have your shifts checked at the registration.

Agreed discount:

Have you agreed a discount with the main organizers?
This is how you can book it in the shopping cart on page two.

Book your tickets:

  1. Find the duration of your event days as a headline. You are free to decide your arrival date and you can combine several days.
  2. For Normal or Reduced, specify the number of tickets. * Multiple tickets can be purchased for additional participants within one order.
  3. Click "Add to cart", at the bottom.
  4. Check selection and click "Continue".
  5. Optional for each ticket: a) number of helper shifts or b) set-up and dismantling or c) enter the agreed discount.
  6. Customer Account
  7. Provide the information about the tickets. (Answers can be copied by pressing a button.)
  8. Payment. First, enter your voucher if you have one.
  9. Check the order and confirm the registration conditions.

After ordering, you will receive an email with the payment information.
Dearest greetings from the Ticketolymp
Martin ;-)

Further information:

Where does the event happen? Gut Steimke
Steimke 1
37170 Uslar

When does the event happen?
Add to Calendar

Set-up and dismantling with gift

You help us on the days from 10 a.m. and get one festival day for each day as compensation.
Can only be combined with day tickets.
There is full board, your place to sleep and a great time in the Acronyx family.
The tasks are cleaning and stacking mats, packing boxes, tidying up, cleaning, decorating, etc.

Construction 03. - 04. Sep

2 days

from -€134.00 to -€96.00

3 currently available



3 currently available


Dismantling 17. Sep

one day

from -€67.00 to -€48.00

5 currently available



5 currently available


Full Event

max. 9 helper shifts possible
can be combined with other tickets

12 days


12 days - discounted


12 days - kiddy


9 days

max.8 helper shifts possible
can be combined with other tickets

9 days


9 days - discount


9 days - kiddy


7 days

max. 6 helper shifts possible
can be combined with other tickets

7 days


7 days - discount


7 days - kiddy


5 days

max. 4 helper shifts possible
can be combined with other tickets

5 days


5 days - discount


5 days - kiddy


3 days

max. 2 helper shifts possible
can be combined with other tickets

3 days


3 days - discount


3 days - kiddy


single days

no helper shift possible
can be combined with other tickets

single day


single day - discounted


single day - kiddy